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Hongye Science and Technology: Why small processing equipment enterprises can take on major internat


In late April, the Inner Mongolia Liansheng Light Alloy Co., Ltd., located in Huolingol, Inner Mongolia, has a Hazlet continuous casting and rolling production line with a design capacity of 250,000 tons per year, and has entered the trial production stage. During the linked operation of the production line, it can produce 40 tons of aluminum sheet coils with a width of 1950mm and a minimum thickness of 1-3mm per hour. Compared with the double-roller continuous casting and rolling production line of the same specifications, the output efficiency is increased by about 40 times The advancement in reducing energy consumption, material consumption, saving land occupation, and investment in plant equipment is obvious.

However, it is unknown that the sweat of China's aluminum processing equipment companies flashed in this production line. Different from the previously introduced Hazlet continuous casting and rolling production line built in Yichuan for the first time, this production line is equipped with a 2300mm hot-rolled three The continuous rolling mill line is provided by the Italian company Minor. The domestic aluminum processing equipment manufacturing enterprise-Jiangsu Hongye Technology Co., Ltd. assumes 80% of the manufacturing workload.

Established in 2002, Jiangsu Hongye Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhenjiang National High-tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. It has less than 150 employees and is a small private enterprise. However, it is this small private enterprise that has undertaken the manufacturing project of this internationally renowned equipment manufacturer. In the process of the development of the aluminum plate and foil industry in China, why did private equipment companies shoulder the heavy responsibility? In the current opportunity period for the aluminum plate and foil industry to adjust the product structure, how can equipment manufacturers take the initiative? Recently, the author visited Hongye Technology Company.

"If a worker wants to be good, he must first sharpen his weapon." Forty years of reform and opening up, China has transformed from a big importer of aluminum sheet and foil to a big exporter. Some double-zero aluminum foils, air-conditioning aluminum foils, printing plate-based aluminum foils, and cans, etc. that needed to be fully imported at that time, have become ordinary products that are priced by processing costs . This turn cannot be achieved without the introduction of advanced foreign technology and equipment, the "industry-industry-research" research and transformation of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, as well as the advanced technology and equipment of domestic equipment companies. Learning transformation, independent innovation and catching up and surpassing, in many aluminum processing enterprises, there are scenes where domestic equipment and imported equipment "fight side by side", and even our domestic equipment has already played the "protagonist". Taking Hongye Technology as an example, in the 16 years since its establishment, it has provided enterprises with a total of 30 casting and hot rolling mill rows, 26 aluminum sheet cold rolling mill rows, 59 aluminum foil rolling mill rows, 57 aluminum foil coiling machines, and 14 The aluminum foil coating line has carried out system upgrades for 16 sets of aluminum plate and strip rolling mills and aluminum foil rolling mills.

The transition from equipment users and service providers to manufacturers is a unique development experience of Hongye Technology. In the early 1980s, several core team members of the company participated in the introduction, installation, and commissioning of the aluminum strip project of the East China Aluminum Processing Plant and the Double Zero Aluminum Foil Production Line project of the Daya Aluminum Foil Plant, as well as the subsequent technological transformation and localization. Since the company was founded, it has mainly undertaken the system reform and upgrade of imported rolling mills as well as major maintenance projects as a service provider, carried out technical cooperation with international equipment manufacturers, and then developed step by step into professional aluminum sheet and foil. Equipment manufacturers.

Why can a small and medium-sized enterprise make the equipment bigger? The technicians of Hongye Technology believe that the changes in the equipment market after the reform and opening up, that is, the marketization of technical results, the specialization of manufacturing enterprises, and the internationalization of technical cooperation, provide objective possibilities for large enterprises to expand their equipment.

At the beginning of Hongye Technology's establishment, instead of adopting the “large and complete” layout of traditional equipment companies from the casting of workpieces to the manufacture and installation of the complete machine, it borrowed from the practices of foreign equipment companies and positioned the company as the “three centers”, namely technology. R & D center, equipment design center and manufacturing assembly and debugging center, grasp the core technology research and R & D and manufacture of personalized components and key components; specialized components, such as rolls, special guide rollers, expansion and contraction shafts, hydraulic system and other professional manufacturers Manufacturing; components that are not mature in domestic technology, such as plate rolls, plate control systems, spray cooling beams, etc., are ordered from foreign manufacturers. In this way, on the basis of ensuring the advanced nature of the equipment, efforts are made to improve the cost-effectiveness and market competitiveness of the equipment. The author saw that in the assembly plant of Hongye Technology, the single piece of the mill's mill frame that was being processed, assembled and tested on site exceeded 130 tons, and the casting of the workpiece was completed by a professional casting company.

In 2011, Hongye Technology ’s “All-Digital Wide-Width Aluminum Foil Rolling Mill” was identified as “the first major set of major equipment and key components” in Jiangsu Province. The “full-digital” of electrical control systems and process control systems is the core of the company's building The focus of competitiveness lies. The technicians of Hongye Science and Technology believe that the advanced nature of the same type of aluminum processing equipment is mainly reflected in the advanced nature of the core control system "software". Some foreign aluminum processing enterprises can use the 1970s and 80s or even older Equipment "hardware" produces some high-end products, related to the advanced nature of "software". The "software" advancement comes from the basic research and application research results of materials, from the accumulation of process technology experience data in production practice, and from the requirements of aluminum processing enterprises for efficiency, quality improvement and consumption reduction. During the ten-year cooperation between Hongye Technology and ABB and Siemens system integration suppliers, various data developed and accumulated by Hongye Technology were effectively combined with international advanced control systems. At the commissioning site of Hongye Technology ’s double-zero aluminum foil rolling mill, Volume 1 The test materials are often qualified products. This becomes the actual verification of the control system at the test site after the simulation and debugging exercises are pre-simulated.

Hongye Technology's project management is also different, requiring each project to be not only a "turn-key" project, but also a life-long responsible project

Each piece of equipment delivered by Hongye Technology not only has a complete equipment file record, but also maintains a "hotline" connection with the equipment's main operator, process personnel, and maintenance personnel, and actively intervenes in the company's new product development, process adjustment, and equipment transformation. Master all kinds of information and data from the production and technology front lines. As early as 10 years ago, according to the company's requirements for improving equipment production efficiency and reducing energy consumption and material consumption, the company took "high speed, wide width, large coil diameter, and large reduction" as the direction to optimize the design of aluminum strip and aluminum foil rolling mills. At present, the company's aluminum foil rolling speed has been increased from 800m to 1800m per minute ten years ago; the design and manufacture of a double-zero aluminum foil mill with a width of 2300mm and its supporting 2300mm double-zero aluminum foil vertical coiler; aluminum coils The diameter has been increased from 1600mm to 2600mm, and the coil weight has been increased from about 7 tons to more than 20 tons. By optimizing the rolling reduction control technology, rolling aluminum strip foils of different thicknesses can reduce 1-2 passes.

With the saturation of the aluminum plate and foil market, processing companies are actively adjusting their product structures. Some companies have introduced the most advanced and high-end technical equipment in the world and entered high-end markets such as aviation, automobiles, and new energy materials.

According to the relevant person of Hongye Technology, judging from the development history of the domestic aluminum plate and foil industry in less than forty years, it has been repeatedly verified that the key core technology cannot be bought. Some companies have introduced the most advanced equipment “hardware”. , But when producing some advanced products, the "software" such as production technology, process "knowledge" does not match

At present, according to the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of domestic equipment companies, participating in the production of high-end alloy grade production equipment. The design and manufacturing of "hardware" is not a major issue, and "software" may be the short board, because the equipment design needs to be from alloy material preparation to processing technology. Technical support for large amounts of data such as basic research and applied research. If we can mobilize enthusiasm in all aspects, organize all-round research and development, and realize the dream of localization of high-end alloy materials if we can mobilize enthusiasm in all aspects, as in the "industry-industry-research" research on aluminum foil wool, cans, and printing plate substrates. distant. Because the current level of domestic "industry, research, and research", as well as the design and manufacturing capabilities of domestic technology and equipment, has far exceeded 20 years ago.