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2009 Expansion of production, improvement of production capacity, construction of a new plant with a floor area of 20,000 modern flat plants

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Zhenjiang Hongye Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhenjiang Hongye Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002. After just ten years of development, it has grown into a well-known modernized set of engineering design, technology research and development, processing manufacturing, system integration, field assembly, installation and commissioning, and after-sales Service and engineering general contracting in a professional aluminum processing equipment engineering company.
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We strive for excellence in every step from solution, production, quality inspection and delivery

Science and technology innovation Continuous improvement Customer satisfaction
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Pay attention to effectiveness, improve management, improve quality, and create benefits

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Management responsibilities, standardization of work, and procedures
There are 30 full-time high-tech research and development personnel, accounting for 18.3%. The company has cooperated with well-known domestic universities, research institutes and design institutes for a long time, and has a large number of high-quality talent groups such as doctors, masters and professors, senior engineers, senior technicians, etc., to provide the company with comprehensive technical support.
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